Originally, Rya and SecretSara met in a Yulgar of Galanoth. Sara's main server was Artix, but randomly decided to visit Galanoth and at a chance encounter her life changed forever.

There, in yulgar-1 of Galanoth she met THE RYA. There Sara saw Rya recruiting by the 100's to a guild called Veil (owned by Banshee). Rya was able to recruit a larger number of members at the time and Sara was stunned.

Rya built Veil from the ground up in one day.

At the time, Rya was ready to wage war on THE CENTINEL ZAY. She didn't seem too fond of centinels and their 'centinelistic beliefs'.

Just a day later, Rya and met Hated and Lumen. Rya remembered the OGPLAYA HATED, from a long time ago and his guild Dark Aura. Rya and Hated instantly got along and within that same day she became Officer in Dark Aura. That day SecretSara, Rya, Hated and Lumen stayed up till the early hours of the morning. Others came and go but it was a long night. Rya drank 3 boosts to keep her going.

And from that day forth CAOSBRUTES were formed. Lives changed FOREVER.

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